Monday, August 1, 2016

This Girl.

My baby. She was born smiling, I well remember. With her crazy hairdo, and all of her 9lb 13oz of chubbiness. Other than her colic phase which lasted about three months, she was always very happy and contented, sort of a dream baby I guess, sleeping through the night from Week 1.
On July 29, she turned 14. And today she's still smiling. Her crazy hair is still to be envied, but has grown into some lovely, long strawberry-blonde locks. She still has her signature compliant disposition, kind and content. Except for the fact that right now she really, really, really wants an iPhone 6. And she must think I have Alzheimer's or something, because she's constantly reminding me, over and over, about this.
But I love her. She's still, and will always be, my baby girl. Happy birthday, beautiful. 

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