Saturday, June 30, 2012


School's out.
I'm slowly transitioning.
Switching from high gear into holiday mode.
And just lovin' it.

We finally found the time to book a grooming appointment, and take the puppy for a haircut. All this puppy stuff is very unfamiliar to me, and I'm completely green when it comes to doggie terminology. So I went full hog, requesting that the groomer do a complete "summer trim".

So fluffy and scruffy Miss Bella went from looking like this... looking like yours truly, Miss Skinnamarinkydinkydink.

Oops. We still love her, but we're just not sure we're all about the poodle face. Next time, I guess, I'll err on the side of caution with the trimming. Live and learn, live and learn.

She still provides plenty of entertainment. Has become a bit of a hobo though, when it comes to food. Apparently she thinks she likes Lays. Clearly we need to eliminate those begging moves.

First day out of school, we went strawberry picking.
We were out and the sun was out. For once.
Good crop this year. Gathered over 10lbs in about 20 minutes.

Thursday we celebrated Miss Lannie's birthday. Where does time go? Seems like just yesterday we brought that tiny little bundle of joy home from the hospital. Now she's 5'1". Whoa. Stop the ride!!

Today we were hoping to go to the local Canada Day Fair. But gazing out at the rain falling in our back yard makes the idea of traipsing through an outdoor fair a whole lot less enticing.

Instead, I sit. And look out at the drizzle, dreaming of how I'd much rather be enjoying this view.

Sitting on a certain deck. In the sunshine. Drinking coffee with my besties, sharing in some good conversation. And chowing down on fresh-baked banana chocolate chip muffins.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Grand Mother Hood.

Stand back. I'm embarking on a whole new journey in life. Otherwise known as the Gran, the Grammie or the Nana. With this status, maybe now I'll be able to command some respect!

Beautiful, tiny baby Annalise joined our ranks on June 15th, 2012. Born to Kyle and Allison in the lovely country of Nicaragua. We're really expanding our family culture, aren't we?

And another female. We're up by 3 now. Uh-oh. The opposite sex is being challenged. I wonder just what August will bring!!??

Monday, June 4, 2012

Two Months with Miss Bella.

We brought her home at 8 weeks on March 29th, 2012. Been two months since then, and already she seems like so much a part of the family, we're trying to remember just what life was like without her.

                                              Initially, she'd stay within view, curl up at the base of the stairs and calmly drift off to sleep, as all good little puppies should.

But it wasn't long before she realized that, just a few steps away, there existed the vast expanse of a second floor.

Soon, at every opportunity, she was scampering off to explore.

Which meant an el pronto trip to Petsmart by the People-In-Charge. To acquire a pen, a cage, or whatever you want to call it. No free-roaming four-legged friends for me.

Restraint in the confines of a pen hasn't gone over too well with Miss Bella. She relentlessly examines every nook and cranny for an escape route. And has, on occasion, fled to freedom. Hence the treats are kept readily accessible in the event of a breakout. And you should see the break-neck speed at which she returns to the kitchen, as soon as she hears those yummies rattling in the bag.

She is loved. Gets in trouble with these two from time to time, but worms her way back into their hearts, and knows she is loved unconditionally.

She seeks out slippers. And shoes. And socks.
And delights in sniffing and licking those ten lower digits.
A pastime regarded with a great deal of disdain by two of my daughters-in-law.
But I say it's just another perspective of feet-washing.
Just kidding.
We're working on her manners in that department.

Little Miss Bella's current weight is just shy of 5 lbs. When the girls bathe her, she sure looks like a scrawny little thing! Her thick, fluffy coat is deceiving. You can see she's in dire need of a trip to the groomer for an all-over puppy-cut. Will have to schedule that soon.

She knows how to sit, stay and lie down.
Good puppy.
Good, scruffy puppy.

However, I think we've gone through a whole bag of treats to merely accomplish those few feats. The girls seem to think that since she only speaks Dog, her immediate compliance to any one of these commands in English means she is beyond brilliant. And that, in itself, warrants five doggie treats at a time. Not just one.

Time for some food restrictions around here.

Story of my life, story of my life.