Monday, May 23, 2016

Deas 2016.

Our annual gathering at Deas Island for lots of fresh air and fun was Saturday. Games and volleyball and tug o' war and good food and fellowship all happened at this cute, idyllic little spot.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wild Life.

Some local wildlife on our morning walk yesterday. 

And some wildlife right here, yesterday afternoon, in our own back yard. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Irreplaceable Loss.

Interesting how sometimes experiences are sent your way, causing you to suddenly complain less and appreciate more.

Lately all of our kitchen appliances have been showing signs of wear and tear, breaking down bit by bit, with the microwave finally giving out a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I've been frustrated. And bemoaning the timing - that replacements had to be purchased right on the tail of planning a summer vacation AND deciding on braces. Then this week I received a text early Wednesday morning, asking that I be present at work for an important staff meeting at 8:00am. 

It was a shocking announcement. A co-worker has passed away unexpectedly, only hours before. She had taught my oldest Science last year, and was currently teaching my youngest. She had just turned 50 years old. Numb at the news, we strove to hold it together for the many students so affected by her sudden absence. But it was a hard, hard day. We lost a great friend and a gifted colleague. Our students lost a teacher with a willing and loving heart, who worked daily to make them better young men and women. 

School Administration dealt with the situation so sensitively and graciously. They postponed classes where possible, and opened counselling rooms in each school building. They allowed students to gather in the teacher's classroom, where they could pause and remember, visit and grieve. Together, staff and students hugged and shared, wept and prayed.

While our school has suffered a great loss, it does not compare to that of the family. Their loss is irreplaceable. A widowed husband. Two motherless sons, one of whom will surely miss having his mom stand by his side next month, when he graduates from Grade 12. Heartbreaking.

Today, the family's words, in the midst of such grief and pain, were these:

"We are trusting God who works all things for good. He is compassionate and merciful.”

So today, I'm truly thankful for everything I have. Firstly, for my Heavenly Father, Whose compassions are new every morning. On both good days and bad. For my husband, my kids, my home. For my friends. For my job, and the amazing staff I am blessed to work with every day. For all the big things, and the little things too.

Even thankful for those half-broken appliances.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Blogging Bandwagon.

And so it goes. I have, once again, fallen off my blogging bandwagon. Without resorting to a woeful lament about how my life has too much insane busyness, here's a photo update of what's been happening around here.
One sunny day last week, this little lady, who believes in having want she wants yesterday, was driven by desire to weed the pool pad and prep it for this years installation. 

We welcomed from afar our newest grandson, Nathan Curtis, on May 4th. (photo creds go to Ally)

Made some trendy cupcakes on Baking Wednesday with this dude... that may actually convince anyone to become a Starbucks fan! Although by the looks of it, I haven't convinced him yet!

Finally got the pool up and filled a couple of days ago. Figured it was time for a special someone to change their relentless tune!

Enjoyed gym night with a somewhat smaller group of Bible Hour kids last night, but no less fun, and some very competitive floor hockey rallies!!

And this morning, despite the mayhem that is my life, we get to enjoy these cute little people for the day. Choo-choo trains and painted nails... that's how it rolls around here with these two!