Sunday, May 20, 2012

Overdue. Update.

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with what needs to be done that you have no clue where to begin?

Feeling that way about updating this here Blog.

So I'll just start rambling. And you feel free to quit reading whenever you want.

Did you notice the compound words in the title of this post? Hah. They've been part of the Grade 5 Language Arts homework several times in the last few weeks. And relearning the concept of word blending has been so recently hammered into my head that I seem to be shouting out compound words left, right and centre. Sorry. Just all part of the RAM cram.

The gospel meetings concluded after three weeks. Months of anticipation, planning, praying... then it seemed just a blink, and they were done. Lots of folks came to hear the gospel preaching, and one that we know of trusted Christ. Hearing again, night after night, of Jesus' punishment for my sins, renewed my self-unworthiness but humble gratefulness to Him for saving a sinner like me.

On the home front, we miss our company. It was such a privelege to host two of God's humble warriors of the gospel. And they spoiled us for three weeks being our live-in puppy-sitters, gardeners and laundry helpers. It was wonderful, seriously. The house sure seemed empty and boring the day they left. The Keurig machine has since shifted into low gear. The puppy has been scouting the place out, sniffing everywhere for her best friend Pete. Or maybe it's his socks she's searching for. And Marvin's laugh is missing. So hale and hearty and dreadfully infectious. And we still miss the daily dose of amazing piano entertainment. Never knew our piano could sound that good.

Although, to be honest, I'd be lying to say that I'm not enjoying the respite of routine again.

We were honoured guests at a very special wedding on April 20th. The sweet little girl,
...who embraced me with open arms when I first moved to Vancouver,
...who helped me bake copious amounts of cookies for the multitudes of men in our households,
...who fed and rocked my newborn babies for hours on end,
has married the love of her life.

She was a beautiful and stunning bride. Just the same as she is on the inside too. Her boyo ain't too shabby, either. Take good care of her, Emile. She's a real gem. Congratulations.

Here's a few guests from the Up-And-Coming category. All of which are just around the tender age Taryna was when I first met her. Little Miss T was very quiet and shy. None of these locals pictured are quiet. Or shy. Just hope they grow up sweet and mature like the Bride of the Day.

A couple of Toronto friends were also invited to the wedding, and we were delighted to house them for the weekend. We easily picked up where we left off from our last visit, catching up on conversation and consuming way too much food. Funny how, despite the course of time, some things just seem to stay the same. Love old friends for that. Especially these two. Irv and Sheryl. Simply the best. Next time we'll have to get a picture of us foursome!

We were pleasantly surprised to have Kyle and Ally fly into town for a quick visit enroute to Toronto. So wonderful to see them again. Of course, my gorgeous daughter-in-law simply looks adorable with her darling little baby bump. The perfect pregnant lady. Right out of Vogue.

But, for once in my life, Ally's belly is actually bigger than mine. Just sayin'.

The puppy.

Well, she certainly appears to be adjusting to her new life as Bella Wilson. We, the family, are slowly adjusting too.

Her cuteness has us all tightly wrapped around her fluffy little paw.

But I'll take some pictures. And journal all the drama and details on that in a future blog post.

Stay tuned.