Monday, August 1, 2016

BC Day.

Today was BC Day. Celebrated only in BC, obviously. Implemented back in 1974 to honour the early explorers who discovered our great land, but nowadays it's just a day off on the first Monday in August to give us all a long summer weekend.
So we took ourselves off to the forests of the Lynn Valley. To cross the suspension bridge, clamber over rocks, wade through the river... and find ourselves a sunny spot to sit and relax and watch the crazy people jump off the cliffs and into the water below.

It was all, indeed, most relaxing, until I realized that Miss K was one of those crazy people, and I watched in panic and she climbed that rockface, balanced on a ledge, then leaped into the chilly mountain waters below. Fearless. Filmed by the Fearful.


  Happy ending. She survived. I survived. As did these other cliff-jumpers.

Then Kyle decided to add a hospital visit to our afternoon agenda by dislocating his shoulder. Only the sixth time for him apparently, so I'd say by now he's a professional arm-popper. But I did feel for him. Ouch.

He became the abject focus of these four females and the gentleman, who were convinced YouTube videos could show them how to put his arm back in place. But thankfully the family van arrived to take him to the safety of the hospital before this motley crew could decide on a course of action.

All's well that ends well.
The professionals corrected the problem, Kyle suffered minimally, and he's scheduled for surgery soon.

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