Thursday, July 28, 2016


Just like that... we're home. Home, from sightseeing world-famous landmarks. Home from fun times with faraway family and friends. Home, from three weeks of over-indulgence in the food department.

And while every single day of our trip was nothing short of amazing, I am truly thankful for safe travels back home, through so many miles and time zones... and so very happy to sleep in my own bed again.

Some last, and no doubt lastING, memories from Paris.
Waiting in the deep recesses of the Metro, trying to keep Alana in her place and laughing at the poster above us, which we all agreed very much looked like her in the mornings.

The traffic insanity on the streets of Paris - no lanes, no helmets, no mercy.

The abundance of coffee consumed in this city, at no small cost, but enjoyed every time, nonetheless.
This girl, with her life-long obsession of Paris and the Eiffel Tower, and probably the very reason we all ended up here on vacation. You are one privileged young lady, Miss A!


We made a quick stop by the crash site memorial at the Pont de l'Alma tunnel, where the life of this "people's princess" came to devastating and abrupt end in August, 1997. 

Our hotel, such a comfortable little nook, with its intricate winding staircase, tucked away just a stone's throw from the Arc de Triomphe... and to the girls' delight, mere steps from a McDonalds.

We spent our last few days in Ireland with family. Benone beach was such a beautiful spot, miles of white sand and breath-taking scenery, and where we made lots of memories together.

Never any shortage of laughs and loudness with these five around!

 These two. Despite a few heated moments, look like the ever-loving cousins in this picture!

So grateful to these two, who made our trip so very possible and memorable. Love you both.

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