Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fare Thee Well, Twenty Twelve.

Oh the excuses I have for neglecting to post for months. A mighty multitude of them. But it's still a fact that I've been a failure to all you faithful followers. Hence, with a stricken conscience, I will conclude 2012 with a final post, and a good old-fashioned resolution to be regular blogger in 2013. Yup.

So... since school began, way back in September, here's a condensed list of 10 family events:

1. In October, we entertained some very nice Irish folks. Ach, they're lovely now, aren't they. They were. Such a treat to host. Sure hope they will come and visit us again some time.

2. Had a delightful Fall season. Warm and sunny. Lots of after-school days frolicking in the leaf piles.

3. Miss Bella lives on. And is loved. Still.

4. Halloween was once again a costume party at our house. Mainly because, it seems, if you dress up like a hooligan and go public, you manage to acquire monstrous amounts of candy. Imagine.

5. A Pro-D day was devoted to manufacturing shoe cupcakes. Miss Lannie being the push behind that idea. Turned out to be an all-day bonding experience. And a very messy kitchen. But fun, nonetheless.

6. We seemed to march right through November with much ado about nothing. An old friend paid a visit, all the way from her coast to our coast. So great to see you, Cathie! But there is no digital documentation of that particular event, or any other during the thirty days that have November. Oops.

7. Second week of December, our Nicaraguan grandbaby, Annalise, made her debut on Canadian turf. What a beautiful, little, blue-eyed dollie she is! This Nana l.o.v.e.s her!

8. Our first snowfall of winter happened December 18th. Six inches of white stuff was plenty to build a backyard Frosty and forge out a street slide in the neighbourhood. And in Vancouver, it's also apparently enough to warrant a Snow Day from school. Girls were thrilled and spent the entire day outside. Inside was Three's Company - me, the coffee pot and the fireplace.

9. Christmas morning was an early one... the tired and weary parents being awoken abruptly by the loud and unruly children.

Stoked with some new toys. And also sheer disbelief at the fact of being gifted iPod Touches.

10. The day's festivities continued with the rest of the family. And the roasted fowl.

And a papparazzi session with the latest and greatest.
Never too young for a good old heart-to-heart with your bestie.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

School's In.

We are back to classes in full force. Early mornings, bagged lunches, agendas and homework.

Here's the traditional annual school pose on the front lawn.

First week of school.

Hello Grade 5 and 6.

Seriously? I now have one in Middle School. And she's almost as tall as me.

Not quite as smart, yet though.

Even though she thinks she is.

And here's a similar pose... back in good, old days of Kindergarten and Grade 1.

Oh they were cute back then. Weren't they?

Looks like I even had the time to do their hair up in neat little braids and pony tails.

Actually, I still have the time.

Now they're just adamant about doing their own.

Growing concerns, they are.


Monday, September 3, 2012

WE in WA.

Spent the last three days in small town America. Annual Labour Day Bible Conference. Met some new friends. Reminisced with old ones.

And ate. Seemed a large part of the weekend was spent doing just that.

Besties. Growing up fast.
Friday was a good day for the great outdoors. So we hiked the trail to the Ice Caves.
Very cool. Literally.

Mountain waterfalls and warm winds hollow out holes in the avalanched snow to form the caves. We took care to heed the warning signs and refrained from venturing inside. It was freezing cold right at the mouth, so the idea of going beyond wasn't terribly enticing anyway.

The scenery was astounding... made me think of this song we often sing...
"Oh Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds Thy hands have made."

Back at our at our bed and breakfast facilities, there was plenty of noise due to the extended group of young people joining our ranks. Here are the youngest... and by far the cutest, hands down.

The group of seventeen... ranging in age from 3 to 15.
Oh the stories there will be to tell in a few years!

 A few of the dressed-up and attractive-looking conference crowd we bonded with during the breaks.

Now school is calling. School year 2012-13. Which means Grades 6 and 5 for us. Unbelievable. Still tryin' to get back into the routine of those early morning risings.

And honestly, not likin' it too much.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

End of Summer.

They've recently been telling me they're bored. Sure sign that school needs to get back in session, so we can ban these flourishing doldrums.

My first response to their grumbling was to quickly engage them in a household chore. Aha. Goes without sayin' that they didn't much like that idea. So now they're decidedly avoiding any menial tasks by being a little more creative.

Still complainin' tho.

The dilapidated swing set has been converted to a gymnastics bar, of sorts. For the sole purpose of emulating the twists and turns of some recent Olympians. And practice those chin-ups.

When the bars are put to rest, Miss Bella is kidnapped and costumed in the Build-a-Bear outfits from a time long-ago. Not so sure that she's thrilled with the whole idea.

At least she should be thankful they're not making her wear those dorky wide-fitting shoes.

Then there's the neighbours. They are regulars. During the summer, it's either all been going on at their place, or ours.

Productions and routines are often accompanied by loud, blaring music. Not for the faint-hearted, but free of charge to anyone wishing to be entertained.

And even if you don't wish to be entertained, you are still mandated to attend all performances.

Thanks, neighbour, for your commitment to digitally capturing most of these childhood moments. I love that my girls can grow up with your lovely girls, being best friends together. Best friends, despite the odd conflict. Amusing for us, isn't it? And it builds character, it does. Builds character.

The novelty of Auntihood continues to amuse.

Baby Engelina is three weeks old already. Doesn't she look peaceful and calm? Apparently she has moments like these from time to time. Those proud Aunties must have the touch!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Volcano @VBS.

God's Amazing Power is our theme for VBS 2012.

This morning, Day Two, we introduced the Paricutin Volcano in Mexico, and in this natural wonder we spoke of God's power over nature.

Which was followed by the Bible lesson about Daniel in the lions' den. God demonstrating His power when He shut the mouths of the lions so that no harm came to Daniel.

How do you explain the stress within the earth's crust which induces the formation of magma and results in a volcanic eruption? Or have you ever known of anyone to spend a night with such fearsome beasts, yet escaped untouched?

So how can this be? The Bible leaves us in no doubt as to God's amazing power.

Jeremiah 51:15 - He hath made the earth by His power, He hath established the world by His wisdom, and hath stretched out the heaven by His understanding.

Lesson taught, we moved on to the activities. Where we served this little treat at the Snack Station.

Kids loved them. A cinch to make too. The old faithful Rice Krispie Squares recipe formed in a funnel, topped with a strawberry Twizzler.

And a little edible reminder of God's Amazing Power!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cone Head.

Yesterday was Fixing Day for Miss Bella. No takin' chances around here. Can't have puppies having puppies in my house.

Like my indirect avoidance of the B word there?  ;)

So we dropped her off at the clinic, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, early yesterday. She actually had to have a couple of cuspids pulled too - baby teeth that were apparently not falling out as they should. Vet decided to surgically remove them while in anesthesia.

The call came late afternoon to come pick her up. Oh my. Did she ever look sorry-faced. Droopy tail. Wistful eyes that said, "You humans. What have you done to me?"

She actually managed to send me on a bit of a guilt-trip.

But the trip was short-lived. This afternoon she's doing much better. Slept soundly through the night until 6 o'clock this morning. Now she's hopping on and off the couch like nobody's business. Seemingly defying the fact that just twenty-four hours ago the vet took a knife to her belly and made a 1-inch incision. Tough little canine. Stubborn too, since she's trying like the dickens to get that plastic cone off, and see if she can't all but rip those stitches out.

Say, is that a smile for the camera?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Are Ya Bessie?

Mo... here's one just for you!

Aah. The good old days, workin' at Photo Enlarging Plus. Besseying yerself with blowin' up other people's snaps.

Next time we're together we need to splurge at Cows. Get our very own Messie Bessies. For old time's sake.

Miss ya, my friend!

Resurrection of the Dormant Blog.

Somehow I blazed through July with a sole blog entry. And have seemingly made it half-way through August without even a hint of an update. Crazy. Bein' Summer and all, you'd think I'd have so much time on my hands that I'd be posting blogs every day. Ha.

Confessions. I've been sleeping in. Reading books. Basically lounging around and not feeling a single bit guilty about it.

Oh, and yeah, followed the Olympics too. Not that we rocked the world with our Medal Count or anything, but Canadians, you gotta love 'em, eh? That 4x100m disqualification was a total downer after seven minutes of fame. But I thought those Moose Men showed true team spirit despite their immense disappointment.

And bein' a born-and-reared Brit, I was also delighted your man Tom Daley won a medal. His story was touching. And he was cute too, you gotta admit.

On the homefront of buzzing activity, Miss Kay joined the double-digit clan on July 28th. Look at the difference ten years can make. Seems like just yesterday she looked like this.

She's still a little charmer with crazy hair, but has grown up into a sweet-natured and helpful little miss. Love her. And she makes me some proud. With her birthday falling on a Sunday this year, it meant that celebrations were limited. However we managed a small evening gathering with family and a few friends. And, of course... ice-cream cake.

We welcomed some Old Country visitors at the beginning of August. They spoiled us, filling our home with wonderful fellowship. And our fridge with Cadburys. We became tourists in our resident city for a few days as we "puttered about", taking in the sights and sounds. Good times.

August 6th was the first anniversary of Mom's passing. Hard to believe it's been a year already.

Still cherish those memories of the last few days I spent with her. Her submissive spirit to God's will. Her longing to meet her Saviour on the other side. But some days I wish I could pick up the phone and chat with her about all the things that I need to be asking her. She was my rock of counsel. Taught me so much from 5,000 miles away. Still miss her. So very much.

On August 7th we welcomed the newest Wilson grandbaby. Here's a couple of proud aunties.

Engelina Ann was born to Cam and Jess, stubbornly arriving after a rather long labour, and apparently shrieking her way into the world. Atta girl. You are destined to be one of us with your will and your vocals.

That's all for now, folks.