Tuesday, September 22, 2015


The leaves are dropping fast here, and these two aren't too old yet to have some fall fun. 

I prefer to stay indoors and bake some fall goodies. Then eat them!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Back To School.

First week back to school. Grades 9 and 8. Surreal. 

And it only
took me four days to take a "first day of school" photo. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


They predicted a drastic weather change for last Saturday, calling for a sudden climate drop and a heavy rainfall warning. Instead we embraced balmy temperatures and a windstorm that left more than 300,000 homes in the Lower Mainland without power.

No power reduces us to sad and grumpy measures. And early bedtimes. 

But the storm had its beauty too. An impromptu neighbourhood party gathered several of us together outside, well out of harm's way, sitting to watch and listen as the wind whipped and whistled through the trees. We heard them creak and snap, then stared in awe as they dropped in slow motion. One tree split into two, the second section just barely missing a parked vehicle when it fell. 

"God made the earth by His power; He established the world by His wisdom... He brings forth the wind out from His treasuries and from His storehouses." Jeremiah 10:12,13

We had fun brushing out all these beautiful windswept locks. 

And despite the lack of lighting indoors, there was still a good deal of laughing at the antics of these two little people.