Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Riches. And Chuckles.

I've been too busy lately to blog. All my time has been focused on relaxing and enjoying our beautiful sunshiny days. Priorities, eh?

But this morning, during breakfast, we had a funny conversation that warranted documentation. The girls and I were discussing the fact that David Beckham is in town, and will be playing in the opposing team to our Vancouver Whitecaps tonight at BC Place.

Kayleigh, surprisingly enough, had no clue who he was.

Alana, however, was quite taken with the fact that "the handsome guy from the wedding with the pregnant, grumpy wife" was actually in our city. (She was meaning, of course, the Royal Wedding that took place last year.)

We got around to talking how much money the Beckster makes per annum... apparently over $41m. I disdainfully stated that making that sort of money for playing soccer was just plain wrong. Alana's confident retort was that, despite making that much money, Beckham isn't the richest guy in the world. "So who is?" I challenged, wondering just what she really knew about the world's rich people. "Some guy in Mexico," she replied, "then Bill Gates is next, I think."

I had to Google it. But she's actually right. I was impressed that she knew something I didn't. Huh. What is this world coming to?

Anyways, Kayleigh, clearly having no part in our "Beckham's riches" discussion, suddenly interjected with, "Uh-uh, Mom. Nope. It's neither of them. The Mexican and Bill Gates are not the richest people in the world. It's Stephen Harper. He's the head of the goverment. So he has to have all the money."

Heehee. Aren't we bringing up our kids well. Teaching them, at such an early age, that the government takes all our money.

Unfortunately it's true.

Even though Google disagrees with me.