Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fare Thee Well, Twenty Twelve.

Oh the excuses I have for neglecting to post for months. A mighty multitude of them. But it's still a fact that I've been a failure to all you faithful followers. Hence, with a stricken conscience, I will conclude 2012 with a final post, and a good old-fashioned resolution to be regular blogger in 2013. Yup.

So... since school began, way back in September, here's a condensed list of 10 family events:

1. In October, we entertained some very nice Irish folks. Ach, they're lovely now, aren't they. They were. Such a treat to host. Sure hope they will come and visit us again some time.

2. Had a delightful Fall season. Warm and sunny. Lots of after-school days frolicking in the leaf piles.

3. Miss Bella lives on. And is loved. Still.

4. Halloween was once again a costume party at our house. Mainly because, it seems, if you dress up like a hooligan and go public, you manage to acquire monstrous amounts of candy. Imagine.

5. A Pro-D day was devoted to manufacturing shoe cupcakes. Miss Lannie being the push behind that idea. Turned out to be an all-day bonding experience. And a very messy kitchen. But fun, nonetheless.

6. We seemed to march right through November with much ado about nothing. An old friend paid a visit, all the way from her coast to our coast. So great to see you, Cathie! But there is no digital documentation of that particular event, or any other during the thirty days that have November. Oops.

7. Second week of December, our Nicaraguan grandbaby, Annalise, made her debut on Canadian turf. What a beautiful, little, blue-eyed dollie she is! This Nana l.o.v.e.s her!

8. Our first snowfall of winter happened December 18th. Six inches of white stuff was plenty to build a backyard Frosty and forge out a street slide in the neighbourhood. And in Vancouver, it's also apparently enough to warrant a Snow Day from school. Girls were thrilled and spent the entire day outside. Inside was Three's Company - me, the coffee pot and the fireplace.

9. Christmas morning was an early one... the tired and weary parents being awoken abruptly by the loud and unruly children.

Stoked with some new toys. And also sheer disbelief at the fact of being gifted iPod Touches.

10. The day's festivities continued with the rest of the family. And the roasted fowl.

And a papparazzi session with the latest and greatest.
Never too young for a good old heart-to-heart with your bestie.