Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nicaragua - Grand Finale.

Today is Thursday and we've just returned from the resort. Still mighty hot outside, registering 35 degrees, maybe just a little too balmy for my liking. It's been a dreamy two weeks in beautiful Nicaragua, though. Relaxing, lazy, sunny... and plenty of free time to sit and enjoy the surroundings and each other. We will certainly miss this place, and our family here, who treated us like royalty.

But home is calling, and although we're not looking forward to a day of traveling tomorrow, we are looking forward to being home again, safe and sound.

Adios, mis amigos. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nicaragua - Birthday Boy.

Special day today for my man. Love him so much, and the crazy guy that he is, even at 60!

Celebrating with Piña Coladas. 

Cooling off in the pool. 

Seriously, what other guy do you know turns 60 years old, and shows as much thrilldom as this?! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nicaragua - Gran Pacifica.

Gran Pacifica was the resort of choice to spend the last few days of our trip. Arrived here this morning, and just can't get enough of the beauty of this place.

Our room walk-out. 

So excited to be here!

Room with a view. 

Fun on the beach. 

Pausing for a moment in the crashing waves. 

Love this girl and all the fun she is. 

Watching the sunset, over the infinity pool. 

So in awe. 

Nicaragua - Sunday.

Sunday we headed off to El Valle again for meeting. We love the christians here... so cheerful and friendly, and they sure don't have much of this world's goods. But they have the Saviour, and it was humbling yet again to gather with them and remember our Lord Jesus, Who through His poverty has indeed made us rich. 

Me with sweet little Carlita, Carlos' 9-year-old daughter. 

Some of the pretty Nicaraguan ninos

Carlos, wife Maiella, Carlita and Obed, with Maiella's parents, Argentina and Papi. Argentina is mother to 10 children, several of whom are in fellowship at El Valle. She's a legend. 

An iguana, rescued from the baptism tank by Jose Maria. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nicaragua - Family Time.

Just a smorgasbord of randoms, capturing this week's moments. 

Watching the evening sky from the front step. 

Crazies... plugged in. 

Carlos, the groundskeeper. Works six days a week. His day begins at 4:30am, then he catches a bus to the complex to put in a 9-hour day. He's well paid, but makes pittance by our standards. 

Painting with Leesy. 

Night-time swimming with Canadian neighbours. Cutest lifeguard ever. 

Hockey afternoon in Nicaragua. 

Can't get enough of these cute little faces. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Nicaragua - Markets & Malls.

We experienced both sides of the track this week when we visited the Masaya Mercado and Las Galerias Mall in Managua. A contrast in extremes of life here in Nicaragua. 

In Masaya, we met horse-drawn carts aplenty bearing peasants and their belongings. We wandered through the outdoor market aisles, where the price on any item for sale was up for barter. Thanks to Kyle, he wangled us some good deals.

Heading to Las Galerias, we blended with the city traffic and pulled in alongside the fancy cars in the mall parking lot. We treated ourselves to pedicures, in the comfort of an air-conditioned salon, and paid only a fraction of the going rate at home. But store shopping was pricey, and definitely not negotiable!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Nicaragua - Granada.

Tuesday morning we made a quick trip to Granada, the oldest colonial-era city in the Central Americas, founded in the mid-16th century by European settler, Hernandez de Córdoba. Our English-speaking tour guide drew us around town in his horse and buggy, proudly informing us of many famous and notable things about Granada that I have now completely forgotten. 

But I took pictures of the unique and colourful architecture. And the multitudes of vendors selling their wares in front of their homes on narrow, cobblestone streets.

Plaza de la Independencia, looking across to the popular Hotel Plaza Colon. 

Another view, showing the city’s main cathedral and colonial buildings.

Inside the Cathedral. 

View from the bell tower. 

Kyle and Ally... following behind on the guided tour. 

Nicaragua - Laziness.

Life within our commune here is very peaceful. The sun rises early, and so do the shrieking birds, but we've been sleeping late, regardless. An air-conditioned room helps facilitate that.

It's hot. Like, in-the-nineties-hot. Mostly sunny. Perfect pool weather. 

And since the pool happens to be mere steps from the house, that's precisely where we've been spending most of our time. With these two cute little fishies.

This one is a clownfish. Swims, splashes, blows bubbles with her head under water. Lunges herself into the deep end. Absolutely fearless.   

This one is sheer contentment. Chill and happy, all in one cute little package. 

Some cuddles, and crazy-hair-day, with Nana.