Saturday, May 22, 2010

Finally Done!!

Here's a little poem I've been working on for a few weeks. Interesting to note what Jacob had to say to each of his twelve sons. Made me wonder about what my heavenly Father would say to me about things in my life on a daily basis.

GENESIS 49 - The Words of a Father
Jacob spoke to all his sons before he breathed his last,
He talked about the future, and looked back into the past.
Reuben as his firstborn son gave Jacob much delight,
The object of his father’s power, strength, respect and might.
A privileged position - he was destined to do well,
But guilty of incest with Bilhah, he did not excel.
Simeon and Levi - in their anger slew a man,
Rebelled against their father, as stubborn children can.
Their cruel and deceptive ways brought Jacob’s curse upon them,
Scattered and divided, they were cut off from their brethren.
Judah was a leader, and was wise in many ways,
Admired by his brothers, he received respect and praise.
His military might was likened to a lion’s strength,
With this he fought and overcame his enemies at length.
Both Zebulun and Issachar got special recognition,
For conquering Sisera’s army in the battle at Brook Kishon.
Zebulun made his dwelling place by Sidon’s sea and sand,
Issachar a strong man - worked for food in Canaan’s land.
Dan provided justice for his people in his day
As a warrior in battle, fought “like a serpent in the way”.
Gad was attacked by bands of men in search of raid and plunder
But he soon overcame those raiders, tore them all asunder.
Asher was productive and fruitful in his labours,
Delicacies that he prepared were served at royal tables.
Naphtali - swift as a doe, was blessed with much increase,
Settled in the mountains and there he lived in peace.
Joseph means ‘a fruitful bough’ - the father loved this lad
More by far than any other children that he had.
The firstborn son of Rachel, his father’s favoured wife,
But jealous brothers hated him and sought to take his life.
One day they saw him coming, and in a brazen fit
They robbed him of his coloured coat, and threw him in a pit.
Sold him to some Ishmaelites who were Egypt-bound,
The brothers thought for certain Joseph never would be found.
They dipped his coat in blood of goats, and to their father lied,
That Joseph had been stricken down by some wild beast, and died.
But God remembered Joseph, he became a man of might,
And while in Egypt there was food, in Judah there was plight.
So Jacob’s sons went down to Egypt looking for some grain,
And it was here that Joseph and his brothers met again.
The mourning father was united with his long-lost son,
And in Goshen’s fruitful land the family dwelt as one.
Benjamin the youngest - “the son of my right hand”,
Like a wolf devoured his prey, divided up the land.
The lives of these twelve sons of Jacob, we have contemplated,
And see that some were honourable, while others were berated.
Dear christian, as child of God you need to realize,
You must be faithful to His word, and press toward the prize.
Be patient, kind, obedient, and live a life that’s true,
Then the Father at the judgement seat will say, “Well done,” to you.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blessings on Mother's Day.

Last Sunday was North American Mother's Day... a different calendar date from the British celebration and somehow I always seem to miss that one and forget to call MY mom. Oh well. Here's to a belated Happy Mother's Day, Mummy!

I was spoiled. Many times over. Kind messages, beautiful flowers, hand-made items from school, some surprise gifts, and of course, chocolate. Lots of it. Always appreciate that! You can never buy THIS mama too much chocolate!

Thank you to all of my children... step, in-law and biological. I am blessed. Truly blessed.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Perfect Day.

Slept in late. Woke up to fresh Starbucks brewing in the pot. Ate breakfast on the deck. Read devotions in the sunshine. Life... just doesn't get much better than that!

Some highlights from our mostly relaxing day:
  • finally some little birdies came to eat lunch at our new feeder!
  • added some nasty, foul-smelling fertilizer to the vegetable patch and in a few months will hope for some delicious cukes, beets, chives, lettuce and spuds, of course!
  • did a little bit of housework here and there... never any shortage of that!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Whippican.

This is my littlest princess. Love her.. her sweet smile and adorable charm. Full of life and enthusiasm.. and intense facial expression. Ask Maria. Never a dull moment with this one. Keeps us entertained on a regular basis, like today, when she came home from school, asking me if I had ever heard of a 'whippican'. Nope, replied I. What's that? "Oh," the littlest princess replies with gleaming confidence, "it's a big needle that you whip out and stab yourself with when you have an allergic to something." Gotcha. An Epipen. I'm familiar with the Epipen, but the Whippican? But thanks for the input. Chuckle.