Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hello 2015.

New Year's Day stroll with a faithful Fairfield friend. And the dog. 

Reaching for the sky. Aaaah... the beautiful blue sky. 


Some fleeting, but fast and furious, moments from December. 

A definitely-related threesome. 

Oh this cute little face. 

First snowfall. And apparently the only one this winter. So far, anyways. 

Proof, that we did, in fact, put our tree up this year. Although Christmas came and went without any part of it being photographed, at all. Oops. 

It's a dog's life for this pampered pooch. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

November Nostalgia.

November began and ended without me realizing it, apparently. Certainly without me blogging. Good thing I take random pictures.

Hanging with the homies, post-game. 

Street kids having their own fun!

Drinking too many Peppermint Mochas. 

Hosting footwear at the City Sing. 

Enjoying lots of Vancouver sunshine.