Friday, August 23, 2013


Yesterday was date day with Miss Lannie. We dined at the latest and greatest in frozen yogurt hang-outs. Where you pour and scoop your own concoction. Then they weigh, and you pay.

I love this girl. Love our bonding times together. Glad we make the time to talk. Catch up. Share. Solve all the world's problems. ;) Of course, there's usually a little counselling-from-mama thrown into the conversation at some point, too!

She's growing up. Have to pinch myself sometimes when I realize just how much, and how fast. At the beginning of summer she was a mere ONE inch shorter than me in height. I haven't succumbed to the end-of-summer measurement yet, and I'm not sure if I even want to keep you posted on that!

She's much smarter than I was at her age, although I've yet to admit that to her. Actually, it's probably a good idea to hold off on that piece of information. Until it becomes obvious, at least. Which might just be sooner than I think.

She can be impatient. Notions that spring into her little head demand to be accomplished without delay. Well, I guess on that one, the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.

She's analytical. Always wanting to know more than she should. Questioning all the whys and the wherefores. Which makes her quite confident when it comes to drawing her own conclusions.

She's funny. Sarcastic for the most part, but I guess the majority relate to that type of humour. She drops random lines out of no-where that crack me up. She's pretty up on the latest slang, and will remind me it's bestie not friend, nice ride not nice car. And peace out, definitely not cheerio.

She's stubborn. Same apple same tree, unfortunately, although I'd take the liberty of saying I'm the softer Gala type and she's the Granny Smith. When she was a toddler, I read and re-read Dobson on "The Strong-Willed Child". Probably worried and fretted more than I should have, but you can never correct or rein-in too much. That stubborn streak will always be a part of her personality, yet it's different from a few years ago. Maybe a little more cultivated. Oh, she's still opinionated, yes, but she's learning to listen, and respect the choices of others. Just don't count on her always agreeing with you!

She has a big heart. Loves little people. It delights me to watch her being so kind and gentle with them. Definitely a lot of inbred maternal instincts going on there.

She talks a lot about growing up. As in... learning to drive, where she'll go when she graduates, what she'll do eventually. Like all 12-year-olds, she can't get there fast enough. I know the teen years will come and go far too quickly, so I just want to savour my moments with her. Enjoy her being the blessing that she is. Watch her grow. Help her make wise choices.

Pray for her every single day. And entrust the rest to the Lord, to work His will in her life.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Water Crazies.

It's been hot. Tres chaud. No complainin' from moi, though. And since the kids were not permitted to file complaints either, they had to become creative with ways to stay cool.

The kind neighbours loaned us their pool. A kiddie one. From several years ago. Dug out from the deep recesses of their garden shed, and hauled up-street to our backyard. Filled with a little bit of eau froide... and five little girlies had so much fun in that thing!

They came up with some funky hair and water tricks.

One quick demonstration... and they were all into it.
 My two even proved their sisterly amour with their synchronized heart-shaped design.

While Miss Bella stayed cool sans the water antics, watching from the sidelines in the shade.
Chiot mignon.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Deck Breakfast.

Possibly the only time I ever really eat breakfast. During the summer. What I mean by breakfast, of course, is from-scratch, cooked-up, sit-down-and-eat-it type of dining. As opposed to grabbing a bar with my coffee on the run, and flying out the door to work.

So here's the evidence. First meal of the day. On the backyard patio. Which would it be for you? The traditional waffle with strawberries and cream, or one loaded with bananas and caramel?


Friday, August 16, 2013

Birthday Babe!

Oh the excitement of celebrating your first birthday milestone! We love you, beautiful baby girl!

Some sweet little faces at the birthday party.

 And these aunties had so much fun playing with all the little people...
...and playing with all their toys too!!)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Adieu to you, PEI.

As Chaucer so adequately penned... "all good things must come to an end." And so the last of the goodbyes were inevitable. But we had the best of company to make them as happy as possible.

Fun times and ice cream with Cristy.
Not sure she enjoyed having two little sisters as much as they both enjoyed having a big one!

Food with friends always tastes better.

Alana... sounding praises with one of her favorite people.
Looking forward to some more of these melodies soon!

1 Day. 3 Provinces.

Since we needed an excuse to cross the Confederation Bridge, and both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were within feasible driving distance, we decided to pay them a quick visit.

Spending the major part of our day in our rented air-conditioned van turned out to be a good choice. On our stop for lunch in Moncton we exited our vehicle and were mauled by the blasting heat. Temperature highs that day registered 37 degrees Celsius. Wow.

The Confederation Bridge. Spanning the icy waters of the Northumberland Strait between PEI and New Brunswick. No ice visible this time of year, but apparently plenty of ice floes float down this stretch in the winter season. Hard to visualize on such a steaming hot day!

Takes a precise 9-minutes-and-11-seconds to cross, province to province. Accurately measured on an accompanying i-Device by a traveling youngster.

Our dapper chauffeur for the day.

Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick. Highest tide in the world, reaching 49 feet. And at low tide, you can descend a long flight of stairs to walk on the rocky ocean floor. Which we did.

Venturing into the ocean proved to be a muddy challenge.

Which had to be experienced by the two most daring in our group. Yuck.

On to Nova Scotia, and a quick stop at the Visitors Centre to pose by the Peggy's Cove replica.

Where we also found Daddie a rather dashing tam'o'shanter... with some lovely hair extensions.

Nope. We didn't buy it. Decided that he looked much better in the kilt.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

PEI Favorites.

You know that idiom "the icing on the cake"?
Where the cake is the part that is so delightfully gratifying and pleasant... but the icing takes it to the whole next level of sweetness and appreciation?

PEI was my cake.

Loved everything about it... the peacefulness, the charm, the natural beauty. Chilling at the cottage, going to bed late, being alone with my book. Doing whatever. Whenever.

And my icing was...

...hanging out with my kindred speerit!
...sitting on the Ramsay cottage deck - so many special memories.
...and enjoying Vic's coffee and treats in abundance.

...spending two weeks with this amazing couple.
Love them. And love how they love me right back.
...viewing our family-rated nightly cottage entertainment.
Had all of us eagerly looking forward to the next episode.
Especially Adam.
Must say, though, Logan Bartholomew definitely added some good looks to the film.
He was so handsome... even when he was flat out bawling.

  ... watching The Dog Whisperer live.
Here he speaks fluent Bark to Monty and Maya.
Who are clearly riveted on what it is he's saying to them.
Or perhaps there are some treats hidden behind that napkin!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Beach by day. Fire by night.

Well, I know it's not the exact quote from Exodus, but we'll call it the PEI translation. Because it seems nearly all of our days on Prince Edward Island this year were cloudless.

Maya... perhaps not so thrilled to be part of our beach experience.
Not quite embracing the wet and sandy feeling as much as the rest of us.

New friends. Cute faces.

Some red-headed PEIslanders.

Bonfire preparations. Think we gathered enough boy scouts?
Haha. I'm just noticing Alana in this picture.
Where is she headed, swinging that piece of wood?
And the men appear unperplexed about the whole situation.
This is the Girl Guides section.

Fire in the sky.
Now there's a scriptural reference!