Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lazy Livin'.

Been loving the lazy days of summer that consist of staying up late, sleeping in late, and basically doing a whole lot of nothing in-between. Well, not quite nothing, essentially. I've been baking treats, tending an oral surgery patient, peeling peaches, entertaining grandkids, and um, wasting time watching all things Olympics on daytime TV.

Tried several of these recipes from A little taste reminding me of the homemade goodness supplied frequently by my mom in my growing-up years. Sweet memories.


This one had a dental procedure that entailed a double extraction and a single exposure. Ouch. Hurts my mouth even to type about it. Immediately post-surgery, I think even the dog knew she needed some comforting. Recovery's been very slow... and often painful.

We had our Kelowna friends come spend the night with us, which was a delight in itself, but they added to that by blessing us with 50lbs of fresh Okanagan peaches. Yum. Love this family and their adorable kids, who also seem to love our family and adore our kids. A win-win, all around! And looking forward to lots of... peach smoothies, freezer jam and canned peaches in the months to come!

Always enjoy the grandkids being with us, and the funny things they do and say.

Been a complete Olympic junkie lately. Love being amazed by the talents and achievements of these athletes, hearing accounts of their journeys to the Games, some of them often overcoming tremendous obstacles. Love to see the camaraderie among many of the contestants, but one of my favorite moments so far has been this smile shared between Bolt and De Grasse. They are clearly enjoying the moment, despite the pressures around them. Good life lesson.

Definitely been a restful few weeks around here, and glorious weather to lounge in the pool. But I must admit I'm slowly tiring of it and already sort of switching back into the mindset of routine and schedules that I know will come fast and furious in September. 

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