Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Loving and Praying.

The deluge of busyness has gotten the better of me lately.

But today I blog.
And you never know, maybe I'll get right back on track with this whole bloggin' thing.

If you're like me, you'll have met people in your life who are hard to love. Maybe they just have an oppositional personality type... maybe they're plain old proud and obstinate. Maybe some have even publicly voiced their dislike for you, and have backed it up with hurtful actions. It's upsetting and awkward. And human nature screams for an intervention, an uprising, some sort of retaliation.

I'm no perfectionist when in a situation like this. I confess that I have struggled daily with the challenge in Luke 6, reminding me to, without excuse, love and pray for my enemies.

This morning I was supervising at Recess when I encountered a little guy sitting at his desk, quietly reading his Action Bible. He's the sweetest little person ever. Seriously. I hunkered down beside him, and gently asked him what he was reading about.

"Gideon," he replied. "And do you know what he's doing? He's trying to hide from his enemies!"

Enemies. Gulp. I think I may have accumulated a few of those in my lifetime.

So we talked about Gideon for a little bit, how he was just a farmer, but God chose him to be His leader and to do an amazing work for Him. Then my little friend said,

"Mrs W, do you know what's the hardest, hardest thing?"
"Um, no," I said. "What's that?"
"It's when the Bible tells you to love your enemies. That's the hardest thing."

Oh boy. Out of the mouths of babes. His words rocked me. To love my enemies is indeed a very difficult thing to do. But God demands it of me.

However a closer look at Luke 6 will show that there's more required than just loving them. I am also expected to "do good to those who hate you". Whoa. That means I can't get away with saying I love them. I have to actually show my love by being kind and doing good to them. Then... I must expect nothing in return. No thanks, no sorrys... no nothing. And then... if I think I've accomplished all of that, there is still one more thing. Pray for them.

Do good.
Expect nothing.

My little Grade 3 friend thinks its the hardest thing to do. I have to agree.

The Lord loved those who hated Him.
He was kind to those who cursed Him.
He expected nothing because mankind had nothing to give.
He prayed for those who crucified Him.

So, I will humbly choose to love and pray for any who despise me. For His sake.