Thursday, July 21, 2016

Touring Paris.

J'aime Paris! What an experience this has been! While living out the dream of actually being here, Paris is unlike any place I have ever been before. Busy, and fast, and noisy, and crazy. Yet plenty of stand-still moments in awe of the architecture and culture, and delicious moments of savouring French food. Here's a smaorgasbord of places we've visited the last two days.

The Louvre    
Triumphal Arch    
Notre Dame
Notre Dame
Inside the Tower
Eiffel Tower view    
Sacre d'Coeur
Sacre d'Coeur      
Moulin Rouge
The French drivers are completely nuts. To have spent two full days here and not have witnessed a single road accident is a mere miracle in itself. If you come here, you must find yourself a spot at the Arc d'Triomphe and watch the masses of traffic manoeuvre around this giant circle. There are no lanes, no traffic lights, no yield signs. The buses, cars and motorcycles simply "merge". Often with barely an inch to spare and with much horn fanfare. It is quite the spectacle.
The French macarons we found in Paris are, indeed, decadent. You can buy them at McDonalds here, although I now know from experience that the ones from a patisserie far excel in deliciousness. But they're at least twice the price.
Just saying... if you want the really good ones, you'll have to pay.

Speaking of paying... the price of food, specifically drinks, is outrageous, just as we were told. This can of coke with dinner one night... €8. Converts to $12.80 Cdn. Just another reason not to drink Coke.
Last night we meandered the Champs-Élysées. You find all sorts on here. Everything from rags to riches. Beggars... against the backdrop of shiny Lamborghinis and Corvettes sitting on side streets, available for rent at €90 for twenty minutes. I guess that sounds like a more affordable deal than €6,480/day. Gulp! Bentleys with suited drivers, sitting curbside, waiting for the wealthy to return from shopping. Diamonds displayed in Cartier's window, without a price tag.
But as the famous saying goes here... if you have to ask the price, then you probably can't afford it.

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Pat said...

Ha but I am so glad you got to experience gay old Paris. Did you take in a show at the Moulin Rouge?
It looks amazing.